Monday, 18 March 2013

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PhD Roundtable is a cross-school initiative to present postgraduate research in a roundtable setting to colleagues and staff from across the School of Creative Arts at Queen's University Belfast.

This is a unique opportunity for PhD researchers to practice communicating their work, receive critical feedback  and address how their researc sits in the wider contexts of drama, film, music and sonic arts.

We have two sessions fully programmed taking place on the 3rd & 17th June 2013.There will be four presentations per session, 25 mins each (15min presentation + 10 mins questions), and also a 20 min roundtable debate to finish. Extended abstracts written by each presenter will soon be available in this blog and we highly recommend advance reading of these for anyone attending the session.

Below is the plan for each session (titles in italics are not 'official' yet):

Monday 3rd June

Laura Aguiar (Film): Collaborative Editing the Film We Were There in Post-conflict Northern Ireland

Joseph Greenwood (Drama): Irish Travellers, Sung Culture

Fionnuala Fagan (Sonic Arts): Performing the individual & collective memories of Sailortown

Koichi Samuels (Sonic Arts): Music as a social practice in digital space 

Themes: Arts/Performance and social practice, oral traditions & storytelling through artforms, collective/individual memory. 

Chair: Caitriona Mary Reilly 

Monday 17th June

Lilian Simones (Music): Physical gesture in Piano Teaching

Robert Bentall (Sonic Arts): Creation & Isolation as an Electroacoustic Composer

Peter Jameson (Film): Style of (film director) Joseph Losey being rooted in 20th century modernist theatre

Caitriona Mary Reilly (Drama): Performing Prostitution and the Postfeminist Problem in Contemporary Ireland
Themes: The root, genesis and teaching of creativity in the arts, the concept of artistic influence - from surroundings, cultural identity, situation.

Chair: Koichi Samuels

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We look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. First PhD roundtable was excellent.

    Cheers to all involved and to everyone that turned up for a good show.